Zinkod - the Millennium Project

Portal Zinkod has set a progressive goal - a creation of the modern language by Internet users.

Creation of a convenient Zingi language using the maximum number of means and forms for communication and self-expression. Sounds, descriptions, images, photos, pictograms, symbols, signs, emojis, gestures, dactyl alphabet, audio, video, and in the future even holograms, and other possibilities of future technology. The main thing is that the process will be fascinating and useful.

Zinkod – the creation of an interface that helps to paint the reality and unite the forces of people from all over the world, thanks to the newest ways of communication and technology.

Implementation of Zinkod ideas and solutions will allow:

  • - o beyond the boundaries of individual groups and facilitate interethnic communication;
  • - create an integrator of convenient and demanded services;
  • - gather a global audience and adapt to new requests and interests of users;
  • - create algorithms for translating texts that are significantly superior to those used;
  • - offer new forms of studying foreign languages;
  • - make the environment not only comfortable, but also bright, bringing positive emotions;
  • - be an unchallenged leader among existing resources.

Project resources:

Zin - a token created for the implementation of a global international project. Zin will be used as a payment item in the services and services of the Zinkod project. When paying in Zin will be used a profitable discount.

Zin – not to waste resources, but to generate positive, beauty and knowledge.

The owner of Zin has the opportunity to become the beneficiary of the Zinkod project.

The development of communication tools and the creation of products and services improving the mood, will be in demand among users from different countries for an unlimited time.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which project has more global goals and useful implementation results?
  • Which project offers solutions that are feasible at the moment?
  • Which token is created on the basis of the project effective since 01.01.2013?
  • What kind of a token can exceed the bitcoin on capitalisation?
  • What project will be relevant in the future?
  • Which token has the best security?

Answers to these questions make it clear that ZIN is the most promising token.